I Sure Miss Cliff!


Well i can't believe on Sept.27th,2006, Cliff Burton will be gone 20 years. And his Birthday, on Feb.10, he would have been 44 years young. It's sad that he died at age 24, he was so young and so talented. I have gotten some new Cliff Burton items, i got a couple new posters, i got the guitar world master of puppets 20th anniversary issue amazing photos in there. I found a t-shirt of Cliff Burton R.I.P. I found the original Metal Massacre albums, vol.1&2. vol.1 has metallica playing a early version of "hit the lights", it's not was on Kill 'Em All that is for sure. and Vol.2 has Cliff's pre-metallica band Trauma with a song called "Such a shame", It's a pretty cool song. I have both Rotgrub cd's of Cliff, Jim Martin(of faith no more fame)and some dude named Dave, jamming out at Cliff's favorite place out in Livermore,CA, these are from the early 1980's and are not that great quality, but they kick maximum ass. I do burn cd's if you would like copies, please let me know. Cliff You are missed and loved, and even though you are gone, you are surely not forgotten.

Cliff Burton lives on through the awesome fans in here,

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hey everyone

hey guys, im new here. Cliff burton is bar none my favourite bassist of all time. he was a god on the four strings. but i think hetfeild said it best when he called Cliff. "the major rager on the four string mother fucker!" After all these years his Skills still amaze me.

Anyway the names shawn.
nice to find some likeminded people.


I know it's a day late...

I know it's a day late, but I was unable to post yesterday.
the quetion I have is why didn't ANYONE post about this?

Yesterday made 19 years that MetallicA lost their best bassist ever.

I took a few moments out of my day yesterday to listen to orion, and reflect on Cliff.

May he rest In peace.

Pleasent something, people.
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Even though i live in Cliff's hometown of Castro Valley CA, i really miss Cliff. he is so cool. did anyone see that metallica special on vhi the other night? It's called when metallica ruled the world. it has some good stuff with Cliff on it. vhi will be showing it again on April 9th at 9:00p.m. i believe.

hope to hear from you soon.

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Cliff Burton Sweatshirt

I won a kick ass eBay bid for a bootlegged Cliff Burton sweatshirt. It's beautiful but the material is very cheap. It's the price you pay for a nice looking piece of clothing with Cliff's face and bass--oh yeah, he's playing the bass and Jason Newsted's in the background. So basically, it's the bass players that have left Metallica. The best one's there! Now I just need one with Ron McGovney. I got the Cliff Burton bootlegs of him jamming with Jim Martin--actually, I'm waiting for them to come in the mail to hear how they sound. They're from 1983 supposedly, right before he joined Trauma. Oh Cliff, I miss you so much... It pisses me off that you had to leave us on such short notice. Later.
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new here

ok so im new here ill give you a brief background on my love of cliff. because of him i started to play bass, the first time i heard anesthesia "pulling teeth" i swore on everything that it was guitar and i wanted to play that song, it took like 6 ppl to convince me that it was bass, i wasnt to smart back then my concept of the bass was only the low end. i also have the last song wrote by cliff its "to live is to die" tattooed on my back in memory of hinm, plus the lyrics are very strong, it is to date one of my favorite songs. well thats about it from me for now, cliff is loved and missed, he truely is a bass god.
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I MISS CLIFF!! His b-day is Feb.10, 1962, i was born feb.17, 1982, and he lived 2 blocks from me and i know people that knew him and what not and i have his yearbook photos. I don't know he was just so cool and now metallica has a new miniture stage set coming out of the master of puppets tour. i don't know what the street date is, but they talk about it in the new issue of revolver magazine, the one with motley crue, or judas priest on the cover, u get to chose between 2 covers. I wish S.K.O.M. would have talked more about Cliff than what they did.

well im off to bed.

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